Distress LED Hand Light Odeo Flare Mk3

Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3
Odeo Flare Mk3

The Odeo Flare Mk3 is a powerful distress LED hand light. Its light signal is visible at more than 3 nautical miles simultaneously throughout the hemisphere with more than 6 hours of autonomy. The light emits the Morse SOS message to give you more safety when navigating.

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Odeo Flare is, new generation of visual distress signal.

Initially conceived for maritime use as a safety equipment of the boat, this equipment of safety can follow you in all your activities.

Safety Equipment for Navigation

Odeo Flare is an innovative, next-generation light tracking device; it is intended to increase the safety at sea of ​​sailors. The power of the LEDs of Odeo Flare will allow you to be easily spotted in distress situations.

Odeo Flare emits a powerful, red and visible SOS signal more than 5km across the hemisphere.

Odeo Flare Mk3 (3rd generation), today uses a powerful LED technology (21 diodes), allowing to be seen more than 3 nautical miles (or more than 5 kilometers) and all over the horizon 360 ° - Odeo: Omni-directional-electro-optical). It is an effective way of spotlighting.

The red light signal is emitted by 21 diodes programmed by an electronic cheap. The luminous sequence, flash is interspersed by the international signal of Morse SOS distress for a maximum of visibility. The excellent visibility offered by Odeo Flare combined with great autonomy guarantees you more safety than conventional pyrotechnic rockets. This without the use of pyrotechnics therefore without flame and without danger for its user.

Manufacturing UK

Designed and manufactured in the UK by marine rescue professionals. Odeo Flare is a light tracking device using innovative technology, the light sequence emitted by 21 red diodes, which produces the Morse SOS message. The flash light Odeo Flare is visible simultaneously over the entire horizon at more than 3 nautical miles.

Respectful of the environment

Odeo Flare is an environmentally friendly offshore safety equipment. By using Odeo Flare, you do not emit any toxic pollutants into the environment. It contains no hazardous explosives. Rechargeable, used batteries contain Lithium. If you need to replace them, remember to recycle your old batteries.

Available in catalogs, Uship, Accastillage Diffusion and Plastimo.

Made in UK

Brand : Daniamant
Reference : ODEOLEDMK3

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Height 265.00 mm
Width 50.00 mm
Weight 200 grammes with Lithium batteries / 225 grammes with Alkaline batteries
Anodisation de qualité marine yes
Light source 21 LED
Light beam range 3 milles nautiques (+5km)
Waterproof and submersion IPX8 standard 50 meters (pressure: 5.5 Bars)
Buoyancy Positive
Impact resistance yes (2 meters)
Activation Manuel, par rotation du talon.
Battery Lithium or Alkaline (x3) (AAA, LR6)
Autonomie Plus de 6 heures en utilisation constante, avec le même jeu de piles.
Replacing the battery Piles Lithium LR6 AA (pour de meilleurs performances)
Battery life (storage) 7 ans
Flash SOS Oui, lumière LED
Tracking Flash SOS Morse ( ---_ _ _ ---)
Coverage Visible sur tout l'hémisphère à plus de 3 milles nautiques (+5km)
Type of use Outdoor Adventure, nautical activities, water and underwater activities.
Warranty 2 years