ODEO Distress Flare LED hand-held emergency light with infrared

Electronic visual distress signal

LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare
LED FLARE - Odeo Distress Flare

The LED handheld flare, Odeo Distress Flare is a powerful visual signaling device. Electronic visual distress signaling device, its light signal is visible at more than 3 NM (over 5 kilometers) across the hemisphere with over 8 hours of autonomy. The red light emits an SOS in Morse code to provide you with the security of being locatable in a wide area during distress situations.

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Electronic Visual Distress Signaling Device for Personal Safety

ODEO Distress Flare represents the fourth generation of electronic visual distress signaling devices. Its enhanced performance and compact design make this safety equipment an alternative to replace traditional pyrotechnic handheld flares used as a means of visual signaling on vessels. New standards and regulations, currently under development with regulatory bodies, are based on the technological advancements of ODEO Distress Flare, which you can now benefit from for your personal safety.

ODEO Distress Flare is an LED-powered visual signaling device designed to be visually located in distress situations. Its signal emits a recognized luminous SOS in Morse code internationally, indicating that you urgently need assistance. ODEO Distress Flare provides extended autonomy in distress situations, with the red signal shining at maximum power for over 8 hours. Its flicker emulates that of a traditional handheld flare. The latter illuminates for approximately 30 seconds before extinguishing.

Bright Light, Easy to Use, and Serene Storage

Unlike pyrotechnic flares, electronic visual distress signaling poses no danger to users, as it does not use explosives and does not produce flames.

ODEO Distress Flare uses replaceable batteries, either alkaline or lithium, of high performance to power the powerful LED diodes emitting the visual distress signal SOS, covering a wide geographical area extending over several kilometers. The batteries are inserted into the heel of the device, with the secure shutter opening preventing handling errors during use amidst stress or panic due to distress situations.

Optimal Visibility for Rapid Identification in Distress Situations

The range of ODEO Distress Flare's electronic visual distress signal depends on weather conditions. Nevertheless, it is visible at over 3 nautical miles, easily detectable from a helicopter at over 6 nautical miles, and can be located at 10 nautical miles. The signal visible to the naked eye is also optimized for detection with infrared night vision goggles used by rescue services (using IR LEDs). The infrared radiation measures 830 nm with an intensity of 10mW/sr x 5. The horizontal coverage averages 63 candelas, and the vertical coverage averages 35 candelas.

The Morse code SOS emitted by ODEO Distress Flare's electronic device is recognized as a distress signal in accordance with the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (RIPAM), also known as COLREGS.

ODEO Distress Flare Convenient to Use and Efficient to Locate

Its small size and light weight make ODEO Distress Flare an ideal device for personal safety. It measures 12.2 cm in height by 6.4 cm in width, and weighs 150 grams with lithium batteries.

ODEO Distress Flare is IP68 waterproof and has been tested for submersion up to 100 meters in depth. It also floats in a vertical position, with the light signal operating autonomously out of the water.

ODEO Distress Flare operates within a temperature range of -40° to +60°C with lithium batteries. The housing is made of a thermoplastic polymer with good impact resistance.

Superior Autonomy for Operational Electronic Visual Distress Signals

ODEO Distress Flare uses replaceable batteries available at all supermarkets. It can be powered by either 4 Lithium L91 batteries for enhanced performance or 4 Alkaline batteries.

  • With Lithium batteries, autonomy exceeds 8 hours in full illumination and operates within temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C.
  • With Alkaline batteries, autonomy exceeds 3 hours in full illumination and operates within temperatures ranging from -18°C to +55°C.

For maritime use, it is recommended to change the batteries annually. It is also advisable to keep spare batteries for extended use and thus prolong the emission of distress signals.

Advantages of LED Handheld Flare Odeo Distress Flare

  • No heat, no flames, no risk
  • No explosive compounds for shipping or recycling
  • Provides additional safety
  • Extended autonomy for distress signal emission, over 8 hours
  • Covers a wide geographical area
  • Supplied with cord
  • Secure for aerial search and rescue support
  • Optimized for search and rescue with night vision goggles, includes IR LEDs (infrared diodes)
  • Integrated Morse SOS signal, compliant with international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (RIPAM, COLREGS)
  • Dual function, flicker and SOS strobe
  • IP68 waterproof tested
  • Ideal for diving; tested up to 100 meters depth
  • Device floats in vertical position; light signal out of the water
  • Easy battery replacement, standard batteries available in supermarkets
  • Compact and lightweight design (emergency grab bag, emergency safety bag)
  • Simple activation (even with wet or gloved hands)

Handheld Flare WITHOUT Harmful Substance Emissions

ODEO Distress Flare is an environmentally-friendly safety equipment. By using the ODEO Distress Flare's electronic visual distress signal, you emit no toxic pollutants into the environment. It contains no hazardous explosives.

Recycle your used batteries properly. The device comes with a 2-year warranty, and if stored correctly, it will provide you with many years of use.

Brand : Daniamant

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Height 64 millimeters
Width 122 millimeters
Weight 150 grams with Lithium batteries / 180 grams with Alkaline batteries
Casing Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS is a thermoplastic polymer with good impact resistance
Light source LED (Diodes)
Light beam range Minimum 3 nautical miles and 6 nautical miles in ideal conditions
Waterproof and submersion IP68
Buoyancy Positive
Impact resistance yes (2 meters)
Activation Manual, by rotating the activation ring
Battery Lithium iron disulphide cells (x4) (AA L91) or Alkaline cells (x4) (AA)
Replacing the battery Marine use battery change recommended every year. Lithium (for better performance)
Flash SOS Red LED light
Operating temperature Lithium -40°C to +60°C / Alkaline -18°C to +55°C
Tracking Flash SOS Morse ( ---_ _ _ ---)
Coverage Horizontal plane: Maximum: 90 cd / Minimum: 35 cd / Average: 63 cd Vertical beam: 35 cd Other directions: approx. 20 CDs
Standards SOS distress signal from the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (RIPAM), also called COlREGS
Type of use Outdoor Adventure, nautical activities, water and underwater activities.
Warranty 2 years

Specific References

Feature Specification
ean13 0713830573179