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A sport and outdoor recreation journey that begun in 1983. Since Vaïma is involved with manufacturers to assist them in their growth, especially in the exploration of new paths around the world.

Now, discover a selection of essential resulting from this knowledge. Innovative equipment chosen for their performance and robust design qualities, linked to the need for use in an extreme environment.

Sustainable equipment, to follow you over time on the go.

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    The Fast Find Ranger is a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) 406 MHz with GPS, for traveler or outdoors enthusiast. The beacon is a safety equipement for use in a emergency case, you send a distress signal to the satellites system COSPAS-SARSAT and the rescue center will send you rescue services. Worldwide coverage. The Fast Find Ranger is a Personal...

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    The personal emergency beacon (PLB) Fast Find 220, offers in emergency the security of a direct communication to the emergency services through the international satellite network COSPAS-SARSAT, exclusively dedicated to rescue the frequency 406 MHz transmits Accurate geographical coordinates acquired by GNSS networks: Galileo and GPS. The personal emergency beacon (PLB)...

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    The Exposure RAW Pro is a 100% waterproof head torch, with marine grade aluminium casing which also ensures robustness (5 m shockproof) and lightweight (43 g). The RAW Pro has two light beams; red to preserve night vision (from 2 lm to 50 lm) and white (from 15 lm to 200 lm). Easily changes operating modes with a single functions control button. The Exposure RAW Pro is a 100%...

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    The SUB M3 Mk2 is a dive light with a innovative MOTION UNDERWATER & SURFACE mode. The lamp has a user interface with touch surface and "Motion Control" immersion. Its light beam 3 levels of adjustable intensity, max 1800 LM. An OLED display on the lamp heel indicates the remaining battery life depending on the active mode. The SUB M3 Mk2 is a dive light with a...

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    Throw the search lights in water and it automatically lights in strobe mode. The Exposure MOB Carbon is an essential equipment for safety at sea. In the event of man overboard use the MOB Carbon. Throw the search lights in water and...

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    Mobos ® means Man-Overboard-System (System Man Overboard).The mobos equipment allows you to locate independently, one or more crew members fell overboard, fitted with a beacon mobos. This system allows to make the relief and assistance of a man overboard, efficient and fast. Mobos ® means Man-Overboard-System...

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    MOBOS is the first backup system that locates very quickly and directly a person or persons in distress on the surface of the water. Mobos be used for free and without license. It operates independently of institutions such as SAR, CRM etc ... without using the frequencies 406MHz or AIS. MOBOS is the first backup system that...

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