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Discover new gear you can rely on while exploring the great outdoors. By following the development of our products with leading manufacturers, we guarantee you equipment of robust designs, combining performance and durability to access a new world of adventures.


Safety first: our waterproof strobe flashlight

This compact, floating, LED search light uses a unique combination of aluminum and carbon, never before combined into a hand held light. The MOB Carbon can be used on land and under water down to 5 meters depth allowing maximum versatility.

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Move forward in the dark

The versatile headlamp: an indispensable tool for your everyday needs

The RAW Pro is the ultimate sailors choice. Single click access to red light helps to avoid accidental loss of night vision, combined with the waterproof aluminum casing the RAW Pro is relied upon by the worlds elite offshore sailors because failure is not an option.

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Emergency location

Never be alone in an emergency with our global coverage and satellite connection

In the event of an accident, or if you face an imminent danger without any other means of calling for help, this is the time to trigger your PLB to communicate your geographical position to the emergency services and obtain rapid assistance.

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Man Overboard

Stay visible at sea with our signaling equipment for your safety

The features offered by ODEO Flare give this equipment a guarantee of individual safety in hazardous environments. In a distress situation, this is the solution to make you visible and to be identified as being in danger.

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