Emergency flash light with infrared LED ODEO Strobe

Emergency light device covering an area of over 6 nautical miles

ODEO Strobe is an LED lamp with a high-intensity white flash and an additional infrared signal. It is designed for use in search and rescue operations for a man overboard. The maximum luminous intensity is 50 cd (candelas), visible from over 3 NM (over 5 kilometers) away. The device can operate for up to 2 days, is waterproof and can float, and is rated IP68 for up to 50 meters. Compact and lightweight, ODEO Strobe uses replaceable lithium or alkaline AA batteries. A Velcro strap is included for easy mounting on a life jacket or belt so that the strobe light can be easily accessible.

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Emergency Light Device

The ODEO Strobe flashlight is designed to help individuals be easily spotted in emergency situations. It is specifically designed for maritime rescues, collision warning signals, and distress signal location.

All of the features of the ODEO Strobe make it a high-quality device for ensuring the safety of individuals at sea. The device is portable and individual, with a simple on/off activation.

Attached to a life jacket with its included Velcro, it is suitable for searching for and locating a person in the water. It is waterproof up to 50 meters (IP68 standard) and floats, making it easy to throw towards a person in the water during a rescue operation. Its effectiveness is guaranteed, regardless of its position in the water.

The white flashes are produced by multiple LEDs, providing a brightness of up to 50 cd (candelas), visible from over 3 nautical miles away.

The ODEO Strobe is approved by MED, SOLAS, and USCG.

The ODEO Strobe creates a 360° Radiant Flash

The signal emitted by the ODEO Strobe is simultaneously visible in all directions, thanks to its omnidirectional light source.

Equipping oneself with a flash light is essential for individual safety, regardless of the type of maritime navigation.

The omnidirectional light signal provides better efficiency for searching for a person in the water.

Vertical Light Diffusion

The light is diffused both horizontally and vertically, making it easy for an air rescue team to maintain visual contact during the final approach.

However, to avoid affecting the pilot's vision, the brightness of the beam directed towards the sky is reduced compared to that of the horizontal axis.

Spotting the ODEO Strobe with Night Vision Goggles

An infrared LED provides the ODEO Strobe with an additional locating capability for nighttime use.

Invisible to the naked eye, the radiation produced by the IR LED can be detected from a distance by night vision goggles, binoculars, or monoculars. These tools enhance the image and amplify the light to allow for night vision.

The distress signal emitted by the ODEO Strobe will then be quickly identifiable by professional helicopter rescue teams, who are typically equipped with night vision goggles.

Autonomy provided by the light device

The ODEO Strobe provides both outstanding visibility and long-lasting availability.

Suitable for searching for a person in the water, day or night, the locating flash operation persists. In a distress situation, it provides an additional chance of being spotted thanks to an autonomy that can last up to 2 days of continuous use.

With additional battery sets available, its autonomy can be extended indefinitely. Lithium batteries provide better performance and greater coverage for the signal.

Please note that lithium and alkaline batteries cannot be used simultaneously.

Batteries are not included.

Brand Daniamant

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Type of use Outdoor Adventure, nautical activities, water and underwater activities.
Weight 150 grams with Lithium batteries / 180 grams with Alkaline batteries
Height 64 millimeters
Width 122 millimeters
Light beam range 3 nautical miles
Light source LEDs
Casing ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a thermoplastic polymer) with good impact resistance
Waterproof and submersion IP68 standard & up to 50 meters deep
Buoyancy Positive
Impact resistance yes (2 meters)
Battery Lithium iron (x4) (AA L91) or Alkaline (x4) (AA)
Replacing the battery Marine use Battery change recommended annually. Lithium (for better performance)
Activation Manual, by rotation of the activation ring
Tracking Flash White LED light
Coverage Max. 50 cds
Warranty 2 years