Cookies policy

This cookie policy describes how Vaïma SARL uses cookies, or similar technology to collect or store data to provide you with an improved, faster and more secure experience.

We will not personally identify you and will not share or sell this personal data for any purpose other than to optimize our sites and browsing experience.

Please see our privacy policy for more information on our use of personal data.

Cookies and plotters

Cookies are small data files (composed of letters and numbers), stored by your browser on your device when you visit a website.
In particular, this makes it possible to recognize the browser or the device. The use of cookies is a common practice on websites.

Types of cookies

Our sites use cookies, which are necessary for it's proper functioning and which make possible the analyze of it's use in order to measure and improve the performances. Statistics cookies are used to measure the activity on the sites, the number of visits, the number of viewed pages and the frequency of returns.
Language cookies detect the language used by your browser and adapt the language of the page that appears.
Session cookies keep your session open on the site and save the added products to the cart.
Persistent cookies allow us to remember your preferences or actions and offer a faster connection.

Manage, delete and disable cookies

Web browsers allow you to change cookie settings, usually from the "Options", "Preferences" or "Settings" menu.

You can block, delete, or disable these technologies on your browser or device.

With Google Chrome

Click the Settings menu icon and then Advanced Settings. In the "Privacy and Security" section, click on Content Settings and Cookies then enable "Block Cookies and Third Party Site Data".
You can also click on "View all cookies and site data" and then search "". You can then choose the cookies you want to delete or click on "Delete all".

With Firefox

In the "Tools" tab, select the "Options" menu, then "Privacy" and set the "Retention rules" menu by choosing "Use custom settings for history".
In the menu, you can choose to uncheck the "Accept cookies" box or choose "Never" in the drop-down menu titled "Accept third-party cookies".
You can also, by clicking on "Show cookies", proceed to a search "", select them and delete them.

With Internet Explorer

Click the Tools button, click Internet Options, and click the "Privacy" tab and the "Advanced" button to bring up the "Advanced Privacy Settings" window.
Then check the box "Ignore automatic cookie management" and select "Decline" in the "Third party cookies" column.

With Safari

In the Preferences menu, click Privacy. In cookies and website data, select "Block all cookies" or click on the "Manage website data" button and proceed to search "". You can then choose the cookies you want to delete or click on "Delete all".

You can also refer to the "Help" section of your browser.


By using our sites, you agree to our privacy policy and the use of cookies. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, please block or disable them using your browser settings. To do this, follow the instructions above. However, if you block cookies, some features of our sites will not work.