Head Torch Exposure RAW Pro

The Exposure RAW Pro is a 100% waterproof head torch, with marine grade aluminium casing which also ensures robustness (5 m shockproof) and lightweight (43 g). The RAW Pro has two light beams; red to preserve night vision (from 2 lm to 50 lm) and white (from 15 lm to 200 lm). Easily changes operating modes with a single functions control button.

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Waterproof head torch with white and red beams

The RAW Pro is a head torch, tied up on the front of the head it allows hands free.

The head torch benefits of a high-quality design; the casing is completely sealed, anodised and aerospace grade aluminium prolonged exposure to seawater.

The RAW Pro is built shock resistance, tested up to 5 meters impacts.

USB rechargeable head torch

The RAW Pro is a rechargeable head torch.

Supplied with a USB cable, the head torch battery can be charged with any compatible devices (such as computers, phone chargers, boat jacks, car jacks or portable solar panels).

Quick battery full charge, only 1.5 hours required.

Compact design for a lightweight head torch

A minimalist size for a smooth comfort in use, the RAW Pro head torch is tight and lightweight with only 65 grams all together with its elastic band and 43 grams for the lamp only.

The elastic strap is machine washable.

The RAW Pro offers high-quality lighting with ease of use. A single operating button located on the side let you navigate through the seven modes of lighting.

Useful battery feedback

In 3 seconds after activation of the head torch, the color of the function button indicates the remaining battery:

  • The button is green; the remaining range is 100 to 50%.
  • The button is amber; the remaining range is 50 to 25%.
  • The button is red the remaining range is 25 to 5%.
  • The button is flashing red color; the remaining power is less than 5%.

White and Red LED’s beams

The RAW Pro head torch has 2 distinct light colors; a red light to preserve the sensitivity of night vision and a white light for a powerful lighting source.

Navigates through 7 modes

With a single operating system button you can select the right mode needed.

  • Light power, red light:
    • Minimum: 2 lumens
    • Medium: 15 lumens
    • Maximum: 50 lumens
  • Light power, white light:
    • Minimum: 15 lumens
    • Medium: 50 lumens
    • Maximum: 200 lumens
  • Strobe light

Simple and intuitive to use

The activation and controls of functions of the RAW Pro head torch are instinctive.

Pressed and hold the function button and the head torch activate in 2 lumens red light mode.

Switch modes with a single touch.

Easily switch modes from 2 lm red – > 15 lm red – > 50 lm red – > 15 lm white – > 50 lm white – > up to 200 lm white.

To turn on the head torch straight in white light modes:

  • for minimum 50 lm mode, hold the function button until the white light appears and release
  • for maximum 200 lm mode, hold the function button until the white light appears and as increase to full power.

To change mode from red light to white light continuously pressed the function button, the lamp goes out and turns into white light.

To activate the strobe light mode, press the function button continuously from a white light mode until the light starts blinking.

Micro size head torch with large autonomy

Head torch with up to 25 hours runtimes.

  • Red light modes:
    • Minimum: 25 hours
    • Medium: 6 hours
    • Maximum: 2 hours
  • White light modes:
    • Minimum: 10 hours
    • Medium: 3 hours
    • Maximum: 1 hour
  • Strobe lights mode: 5 hours

The RAW Pro head torch was designed as a robust tool that will last for years and follow you up in all your adventures. 


Data sheet

Feature Specification
Width 55.00 mm
Depth 35.00 mm
Weight 76.00 grammes
Type of use Outdoor activities and nautical activities
Manufacturer warranty 10 year guarantee on its waterproofing and lifetime on the LED’s, a two year parts guarantee, and free of charge bi-annual waterproof servicing
Composition of housing Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Waterproofness and Submersibility IPX8 standard 2 meters (pressure: 2.2 Bars)
Buoyancy Negative
Anodisation de qualité marine Tested to ASTM B117 found to be corrosion-free
Impact resistance oui (5 mètres)
Battery 700 mAh Lithium-Ion
Autonomie RED:High-2hrMedium-6hrsLow-25hrsWHITE:High-1hrMedium-3hrsLow-10hrsStrobe-5hrs
Charging switch Micro USB
Battery usage Fuel Gauge
Activation Bouton unique
Light source 2 x White XQE / 2 x Red XPE-R Cree LED
Power of light output in lumens (lm) - FL1 Standard ROUGE: Haute-50 moyen-15 Basse-2BLANC: Haute-200 moyen-50 Basses-15
Lens Polycarbonate
Tracking Flash strobe Light
Full charge time 3 hours