Exposure HTGO head torch

Hands-free lighting offering a good balance between weight, comfortable light output, and extended autonomy

Discover the HTGO head torch from Exposure Lights, an all-in-one cable-free device, perfect for your nighttime adventures. Weighing only 74 g and compact, it delivers 400 lumens of brightness for hiking or camping…

  • With its customizable OMS system and charge indicator, it blends performance and convenience.
  • The 32 mm elastic band ensures optimal placement on the forehead.
  • Crafted with ABS polymer and anodized aluminum, it is robust, weather-resistant with an IPX5 rating.

Illuminate your adventures with confidence, thanks to the latest innovation in the HT series, redefining your outdoor nighttime experience.

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Weight 74 g
lightweight and compact

Luminous flux 400 lm
max. output

Autonomy 3-24 hours
depending on the mode

High-performance and Comfortable LightingCompact and all-in-one design
for an optimal hiking experience

The head torch HTGO is a top choice for hikers and campers, thanks to its feather-light weight of only 74 grams (104 grams with the elastic band) and its compact dimensions, with a width of 49 millimeters and a head diameter of 20 millimeters. Easy to carry and comfortable to wear on the front of the head, the HTGO quickly becomes forgettable during your nocturnal excursions.

  • 32 mm wide elastic band for optimal support without an additional upper strap.
  • Adjustable band thanks to a wide Velcro strap for precise adjustment.
  • Silicone band inside for better grip and sweat-deflecting effect.
  • Woven gray pattern for reflective visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Washable elastic band for easy maintenance.

Autonomy Management Control the autonomy of your HTGO head torch with the charge level indicator

The HTGO head torch has a two-color charge level indicator integrated into the lens, allowing you to effectively manage available energy and easily monitor the remaining autonomy. For five seconds after turning off the torch, the indicator informs you of the remaining battery percentage:

  • Green remaining autonomy 100 to 50%.
  • Amber remaining autonomy 50 to 25%.
  • Red remaining autonomy 25 to 5%.
  • Flashing red remaining autonomy less than 5%.
10 - 25%
25 - 50%
50 - 100%

The activation system of the HTGO head torch is done via a single button, facilitating its use and access to different lighting modes. The HTGO head torch also features a USB-C charging port to USB 2.0, allowing easy and fast charging.

Rapid Charge: fully recharge the battery in 2 hours and quickly benefit from the lighting performance of the HTGO. The two-color battery indicator (inside the lens) will flash green during charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will stay lit in green.

Customize your lighting with the OMS system: optimize autonomy and brightness according to your needs

The OMS system (Optimised Mode Selector) allows for optimal flexibility in lighting, adjusting the autonomy and brightness of the head torch HTGO to your specific needs. Autonomy and brightness in lumens are directly proportional: doubling autonomy reduces brightness by half.

Whether you prefer longer autonomy with reduced brightness for a night hike on a marked trail, or higher brightness for optimal visibility in a rugged and poorly lit area, the OMS system allows you to customize the use of your head torch HTGO. Thus, you benefit from lighting suitable for all situations and make the most of your head torch during your outdoor adventures.


Brightness OptimizationAutonomy Prog. 1

Modes Autonomy
Minimum wb_sunny 12 hours
Medium wb_sunny wb_sunny 6 hours
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 2 hours 30 minutes

Autonomy OptimizationAutonomy Prog. 2

Modes Autonomy
Minimum wb_sunny 24 hours
Medium wb_sunny wb_sunny 12 hours
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 2 hours 30 minutes

In emergency situations: the head torch HTGO offers 30 hours of use in strobe mode and 5 hours in SOS mode to ensure your safety and visibility in all circumstances.

Brand : Exposure Lights
Reference : EXPHTGOGMB

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Width 49 millimeters
Head Diameter 20 millimeters
74 grams (104 g with elastic headband)
Casing ABS polymer and anodized 6063 aluminum
Light source (x1) LED XPL2
Light output 400 lumens
Beam angle 18 degrees
Color temperature 6500 K (daylight)
LED lighting color White
Waterproof IPX5 protection rating
Activation Single operation button
Single press
Battery 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery usage Charge level gauge integrated into the lens
Autonomie 3-24 hours
Lighting by modes management
Charging switch Micro USB to USB 2.0
Charge Time 2 hours from 1500 mA power source
Tracking Flash Available (x1) mode emergency light SOS flash
Available (x1) mode emergency light strobe flash
Warranty 2 years warranty
Head Torch single-button (multifunction) operations HTGO Exposure Lights

Maximum efficiency
Powerful and Versatile Lighting

Its adjustable lighting power, ideal for illuminating steep paths, rugged trails, and rolling descents during your hiking routes. Its single-button activation system allows you to navigate easily between different lighting modes, adapting the light intensity to your specific needs.

Exposure HTGO Head Torch designed with cooling fins

Intelligent thermal management
Regulation of Heat Emitted

With a unique design equipped with cooling fins and intelligent thermal management that efficiently regulates the temperature of the LEDs. This technology ensures maximum efficiency of the LEDs and extended lifespan for your head torch, providing you with optimal autonomy during your nighttime activities.

Head Torch Exposure HTGO made from ABS and Aluminum materials

ABS and Aluminum
Resistant and Sturdy

Made from high-quality ABS polymer and anodized aluminum 6063, the HTGO head torch is designed to withstand shocks and weather conditions, with an IPX5 protection rating, ensuring maximum durability and reliability during your outdoor adventures.

White XPL2 LED light Head Torch Exposure HTGO by Exposure Lights

Advanced LED Technology

Remarkable brightness with optimal illumination over long distances. Its luminous power of 400 lumens allows you to perceive essential details of your route and identify potential obstacles. The high-quality white XPL2 LED provides intense and uniform lighting for an optimal visual experience.

Made in the UK

Exposure HTGO Head Torch Made in UK