Powerful hiking headlamp Exposure HTGO

The HTGO Exposure Lights headlamp is an all-in-one, cable-free device with a good battery life, lightweight (74g) and compact, offering 400 lumens of light power for your nighttime hikes and camping trips. Thanks to its customizable OMS system and charge indicator, it combines performance and practicality. Its 32 mm elastic strap ensures optimal fit. Made of ABS polymer and anodized aluminum, it is sturdy and weather-resistant with an IPX5 protection rating.

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Exceptional autonomyThe ideal headlamp for hikers and campers: Exposure Lights HTGO

Discover the Exposure Lights HTGO headlamp, designed specifically for hiking and camping enthusiasts. Thanks to its robustness and all-in-one design, without the need for additional batteries, this headlamp offers you convenience and performance for your outdoor adventures.

Only 104 g
device weight

Power 400 lm
luminous flux

Up to 3 hours
of autonomy in 400 lm mode

Powerful and comfortable lightingCompact and all-in-one design
for an optimal hiking experience

The HTGO headlamp is an excellent accessory for hikers and campers, thanks to its feather-light weight of only 74 grams (104 grams with the elastic band) and its small dimensions, with a width of 49 millimeters and a head diameter of 20 millimeters. Easy to carry and comfortable to wear on the front of the head, the HTGO quickly becomes forgettable during your nocturnal excursions.

  • 32 mm wide elastic band for optimal support without the need for an additional upper strap.
  • Adjustable band thanks to a large scratch band for precise adjustment.
  • Silicone band inside for better grip and a sweat deflector effect.
  • Gray woven pattern that is reflective in low-light conditions.
  • Washable elastic band for easy maintenance.

Robustness and ReliabilityThe HTGO Headlamp: Designed to withstand the challenges of nature with unparalleled performance

Made from high-quality ABS polymer and anodized 6063 aluminum, the HTGO headlamp is designed to withstand shocks and inclement weather with an IPX5 protection rating, ensuring maximum durability and reliability during your outdoor adventures.

The HTGO headlamp features advanced LED lighting technology, ensuring remarkable brightness and optimal illumination over long distances. With a power output of 400 lumens, it allows you to perceive essential details of your path and identify potential obstacles. The high-quality white XPL2 LED provides intense and uniform lighting for an optimal visual experience.

Battery life adapted to the needs of hikers and campers

The all-in-one design of the HTGO headlamp, without the addition of an extra battery, provides a minimum autonomy of 3 hours. Thus, you benefit from a reliable source of light for your night hikes and camp evenings, without compromising the lightness and compactness of the device.

Battery ManagementControl the battery life of your HTGO headlamp with the charge level indicator

The HTGO headlamp features a bi-color charge level indicator integrated into the lens, allowing you to efficiently manage available power and easily monitor remaining battery life. For five seconds after turning off the lamp, the indicator informs you of the remaining battery percentage:

  • Green light: remaining battery life is from 100 to 50%.
  • Amber light: remaining battery life is from 50 to 25%.
  • Red light: remaining battery life is from 25 to 10%.
  • Flashing red light: remaining battery life is less than 10%.
10 - 25%
25 - 50%
50 - 100%

The HTGO headlamp's activation system is operated by a single button, making it easy to use and access different lighting modes. The HTGO headlamp also features a USB-C to USB 2.0 charging connector, allowing for easy and fast recharging.

Powerful and versatile lightingA powerful headlamp for any situation

The HTGO headlamp offers 400 lumens of lighting power, perfect for illuminating trails on your hikes or creating a cozy atmosphere around the campfire. Its single-button activation system allows you to easily navigate between different lighting modes, adapting the brightness to your specific needs.

Cooling system and intelligent thermal management

The HTGO headlamp is equipped with cooling fins and intelligent thermal management that effectively regulates the temperature of the LEDs. This technology ensures maximum efficiency of the LEDs and a prolonged lifespan for your headlamp, providing optimal battery life during your nighttime activities.

Customize your lighting with the OMS system: optimize autonomy and lighting power according to your needs

The Optimised Mode Selector (OMS) system allows for optimal flexibility in lighting, adapting the autonomy and lighting power of the HTGO headlamp to your specific needs. Autonomy and power in lumens are directly proportional: doubling autonomy reduces lighting power by half.

Whether you prioritize longer battery life with reduced power during a nighttime hike on a marked trail, or higher power for optimal visibility in a rugged and poorly lit area, the OMS system allows you to customize the use of your HTGO headlamp. Thus, you benefit from lighting adapted to all situations and make the most of your headlamp during your outdoor adventures.


Optimization of light powerAutonomy of Prog. 1

Modes Autonomie
Minimum wb_sunny 12 hours
Medium wb_sunny wb_sunny 6 hours
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 2 hrs 30 min

Optimization of autonomyAutonomy of Prog. 2

Modes Autonomie
Minimum wb_sunny 24 hours
Medium wb_sunny wb_sunny 12 hours
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 2 hrs 30 min

In emergency situations, the HTGO headlamp provides 30 hours of use in strobe mode and 5 hours in SOS mode to ensure your safety and visibility in all circumstances.

A reliable companion for your outdoor adventures

By choosing the Exposure Lights HTGO headlamp, you are opting for a quality accessory that meets the requirements of hikers and campers. Its robustness, lightness, and autonomy make it a reliable companion for your nocturnal escapades, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Don't wait any longer to equip yourself with the HTGO headlamp, the essential accessory for your hiking and camping trips. Experience powerful, versatile, and reliable lighting, and set out with confidence and pleasure to conquer the trails and nocturnal bivouacs.

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