Powerful Bi-Component Head Torch Exposure HT1000

Brave the darkness with the HT1000, a headlamp designed to provide optimal support, even during intense activities

Several lighting modes to adapt to all situations, ranging from a luminous power of 1000 lumens to eco mode for extended autonomy. Its weight of 145 grams is evenly distributed between the front and back of the head thanks to the separate battery pack, allowing for fatigue-free use.

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum front housing and battery pack.
  • Smooth adjustment of beam tilt.
  • Single control button and battery indicator for intuitive use.

The wide and adjustable elastic headband acts as a sweat deflector for perfect support during high-intensity activities such as running, trail running, or mountain biking, even over long distances.
Dominate the trails with the HT1000 headlamp.

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Lighting 125 m
beam distance

Power 1000 lm
light flux intensity

Only 145 g
complete device weight

High-Performance LightingExplore without limits with the HT1000: Exposure's most powerful and versatile headlamp

Embark on your adventures with lightness and autonomy thanks to the HT1000 and its 1000 lumens homogeneous beam. Perceive every detail of your environment with striking precision. With the bright white Cree LED light of 6500K. Enjoy uniform lighting without glare for enhanced visual comfort.

  • Versatile hands-free lighting with adjustable power from 50 to 1000 lumens.
  • A precise 20° beam to illuminate your path with optimal field of vision.
  • Single button for simple and intuitive control of functions.
  • Multiple lighting modes suitable for a variety of uses: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, etc.
  • Wide and adjustable elastic headband for fatigue-free wear, even during extended hours.

Discover a new world of boundless nocturnal exploration. The HT1000 headlamp illuminates your environment with striking clarity. Goodbye to shadowy areas, you discern every detail, even in the depths of the night.

Aluminium 6063 serie Ultra-Resistant and Lightweight

Ultra-compact head (28 mm) made of aerospace-grade aluminum for reliable performance. Optimal thermal dissipation: Efficient heat dissipation for consistent performance.

Up to 48 hrs Long-lasting Autonomy

3100 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering extended lighting, protected by a lightweight aluminum housing for optimal portability.

USB 2.0 port Flexible Charging and Mounting

Convenient USB charging for easy power management, plus compatibility with GoPro mount for versatile mounting options.

Envelope protection Water and Dust Resistance

IPX5 rating ensures water and dust resistance, for reliable use in all conditions. Perfect for hiking in the rain or mountain biking in the mud.

Advanced Battery Management HT1000 provides optimized energy control with its charge level indicator

With the charge level indicator, the remaining battery is constantly monitored, alerting you before battery recharge is needed.

  • Green remaining battery from 100 à 70%
  • Orange remaining battery from 70 à 40%
  • Red remaining battery from 40 à 10%
  • Red Flash remaining battery below 10%
10 - 40%
40 - 70%
70 - 100%

Located in the base of the lamp, the battery charge level indicator is easily accessible.

Optimize your autonomy and lighting power with the Optimized Mode Selector (OMS)

This innovative system allows you to choose the combination of brightness and autonomy best suited to your needs. Battery life and luminous power are directly proportional. Doubling the battery life will halve the luminous power. With OMS, you can find the perfect balance between brightness and autonomy through four programs to confidently tackle your next nocturnal adventure.


HT1000Program 1

Modes Power Battery Life
Minimum wb_sunny 150 lm 12 h
Medium wb_sunnywb_sunny 300 lm 6 h
Maximum wb_sunnywb_sunnywb_sunny 1000 lm 1 h 30 min

HT1000Program 2

Modes Power Battery Life
Minimum wb_sunny 55 lm 36 h
Medium wb_sunny wb_sunny 100 lm 18 h
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 550 lm 3 h

HT1000Program 3

Modes Power Battery Life
Minimum wb_sunny wb_sunny 150 lm 12 h
Maximum wb_sunny wb_sunny wb_sunny 1000 lm 1 h 30 min

HT1000Program 4

Modes Power Battery Life
Minimum wb_sunny 40 lm 48 h
Maximum wb_sunnywb_sunny 150 lm 12 h

In an emergency: the HT1000 allows for 30 hours of use in strobe mode and 9 hours in SOS mode, ensuring optimal visibility in all critical situations.

Brand : Exposure Lights
Reference : EXPHT1000GMB

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Width 49 millimeters
Head Diameter 20 millimeters
Weight 145 grams
Casing Anodized 6063 aluminum
Light source (x1) XPL2 White
Light output 1000 lumens
Beam angle 20° (degrees)
Light beam range 125 meters
LED lighting color 6500 K (kelvin) (daylight)
Lens Polycarbonate
Waterproof IPX5 protection rating
Buoyancy Négative
Activation Single button function control
Battery 3100 mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery usage Charge level gauge
Autonomie from 1 hour 30 minutes to 48 hours depending on the mode
Full charge time 3 hours 30 minutes from a 1500 mA power source
Charging switch USB 2.0 port
Type of use Outdoor activities and water activities
Warranty 2 years warranty