Small Waterproof Flashlight Exposure RAW XS

A handy ally for all your nocturnal escapades

Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight
Exposure RAW XS Pocket-Sized Flashlight

The RAW XS is a pocket-sized flashlight weighing only 45 grams. Equipped with a robust anodized aluminum casing, it is 100% waterproof and meets the IPX8 standard. A white light and a red light are available on the same flashlight. Each white and red light has 3 adjustable levels of brightness.

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Experience unparalleled performance with the Exposure RAW XS flashlight - 7 lighting modes, dual LED beam, aluminum casing, battery level gauge, and IPX8 waterproofing

The RAW XS is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a pocket-sized, reliable, lightweight, and waterproof flashlight.

With its two LED light beams (white and red), it provides added comfort for on-board life while sailing.

The seven lighting modes make it easy to find the perfect setting for every situation. The aluminum casing is both durable and stylish, and the battery level gauge ensures you always have light when you need it.

Ready to face the elements? Don't leave home without your waterproof flashlight!

Discover all the features of the Exposure Lights RAW XS and you'll be able to explore the darkest places with peace of mind and find your way more easily in the dark. With its pocket-sized format, you can take it with you wherever your adventures take you. Get ready to light up your world with the Exposure RAW XS!

The lighting solution, always accessible thanks to its pocket-sized format

Flashlights are incredibly useful tools, but unfortunately, their formats and weights make them inconvenient to carry with you at all times. Their bulk makes them difficult to slip into a pocket.

To be prepared for any eventuality, you can now adopt the small RAW XS flashlight, truly pocket-sized. It will offer you reliable and powerful light without the constraints of bulk. And a runtime of up to 25 hours of illumination on a single charge cycle. This will give you days of use without having to recharge it. In addition, it will always be the best lighting solution, no matter what the situation. Being waterproof, you won't have to worry about wet conditions.

Its compact design makes it easy to transport and store, accessible at all times from your pocket. This tool will be the perfect companion, on all your next adventures from the waves to the snowy peaks. The RAW XS weighs only 45 grams. Its 55 millimeter aluminum casing of aerospace quality allows it to be easily carried to cover all your lighting needs.

Light up your adventures like never before with the RAW XS, a waterproof flashlight for reliable and durable lighting even in the most difficult environments.

A light device is an important piece of safety equipment for any sailor. A flashlight with an IPX8 waterproof rating is essential for life on board. This type of equipment can be submerged in water and continue to function.

This is essential, as it allows sailors to have light even in wet and dangerous conditions.

Whether you need to signal for help or find your way in the darkness, having a waterproof flashlight can make the difference in reaching your destination safely.

7 lighting modes: intuitively adjust the light to your environment or tasks

The RAW XS offers seven lighting modes, each adapted to a different environment or tasks.

Selecting a lighting mode is accessible with a simple press of the single function control button, allowing you to easily switch from one lighting mode to another. Three levels of brightness with white or red LED colors.

Function control is intuitive. With a long press, you get the strobe flash that exploits maximum intensity; delivering 200 lumens to make yourself visible and indicate to people nearby an emergency situation.

This range of features, accessible at your fingertips, makes the RAW XS a versatile and powerful lighting solution covering most uses.

With its wide range of lighting options, the RAW XS is an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

A double beam of light, providing both white and red light for optimal lighting in all circumstances

The RAW XS with its double beam of white and red LED light provides the best lighting for any situation: white for clearly seeing in the dark and red for preserving your night vision.

Using two high-end XQE LEDs designed to produce bright, high intensity white light. And a shock and heat resistant polycarbonate lens. The white light beam is evenly distributed with no presence of a light halo. A soft light is initiated upon activation that can be gradually increased to a power of 200 lumens with an intermediate threshold at 50 lumens. A long press upon activation allows for directly obtaining maximum power lighting.

The red light beam, on the other hand, is designed to preserve night vision and reduce eye fatigue. It emits up to 50 lumens of red light that helps you keep your eyes adapted to low light environments without disrupting your night vision.

The RAW XS offers the perfect balance between lighting up your environment and preserving night vision.

When the white beam of a flashlight hits your eyes in the dark, it is difficult to suddenly adjust to the light.

Most flashlights only use white light, which upon activation can instantly eliminate the human eye's ability to adapt to night vision.

The RAW XS is different: it uses two XPE-R Cree LEDs that emit red spectrum light. This feature of Exposure Lights lamps is indicated by the "ONV" mark (Optimized Night Vision). The ONV function is particularly relevant for quick use of light, or simply comfortable for vision during prolonged use in a confined space, such as studying a navigation chart. You will find many advantages to using this (ONV) mode, whether at sea or on land, for example, observing animals, as most do not perceive this color. Red light allows for almost immediate adaptation when returning to night vision when the lamp is turned off.

For optimal experience when moving on decks, it is recommended to use a waterproof headlamp rather than a handheld light source. This allows you to keep your hands free for better grip for more stability and safety. Discover the RAW PRO with the ONV mode.

The red light mode is not only convenient for regular operations on board, but it is also essential in emergency situations. In an emergency, the red light beam will not interfere with the crew's night vision, allowing them to see clearly while maintaining their natural ability to adapt to darkness.

The RAW XS is a reliable and durable light source, essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

Get instant information on usage and remaining battery life: the battery level gauge ensures you will always have enough power

The RAW XS has a gauge that indicates the battery charge level, allowing you to know when to recharge your flashlight. This ensures that you always have the necessary autonomy before embarking on a new adventure. So you never run out of energy when you need it most.

With a scalable luminous power of 2 to 200 lumens distributed through 7 lighting modes, the built-in electronic board allows, in particular, to communicate three seconds after an operation the battery status. The gauge then indicates the remaining autonomy according to the mode in use.

  • Green light: remaining autonomy is 100 to 50%
  • Amber light: remaining autonomy is 50 to 25%
  • Red light: remaining autonomy is 25 to 5%
  • Flashing red light: remaining autonomy is less than 5%

Battery life offered by the flashlight

Fitted with a 700 mAh Li-Ion battery, the RAW XS flashlight offers reliable and durable performance. The battery is rechargeable, the power supply is via a micro-USB to USB cable which allows you to quickly and easily benefit from all the capabilities of the flashlight. Charging is done by unscrewing the cap which reveals the USB port. Watertightness is ensured by O-rings.

The RAW XS has a battery life allowing it to operate for up to 10 hours in white light or up to 25 hours in red light.

The ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts

Whether you are exploring trails, camping or kayaking.

Battery life, red LED light:

  • Minimum: 25 hours
  • Medium: 6 hours
  • Maximum: 2 hours

Battery life, white LED light:

  • Minimum: 10 hours
  • Medium: 3 hours
  • Maximum: 1 hour

Battery life, strobe light: 5 hours

The small flashlight, RAW XS, has an impressive battery life, with 25 hours for the red LED light, 10 hours for the white LED light and 5 hours for the strobe mode. The average battery life is 6 hours for the red LED light and 3 hours for the white LED light.

Whatever your activity (hiking, camping or sailing), the RAW XS flashlight offers a beam adapted to light your way in any situation.

Trust the RAW XS flashlight for maximum durability and uninterrupted battery life — 25 hours of red LED light, 10 hours of white LED light and 5 hours of strobe light.

A sturdy, yet elegant, aluminum casing

Benefiting from a high-quality marine anodization, the RAW XS's casing is made from a high-quality aerospace aluminum alloy, providing solid protection against repeated aggression from prolonged use over time. In addition to its sleek design, it features patented technology that compensates for the loss of LED efficiency due to heat.

At constant voltage, the hotter an LED is, the less efficient it is.

So, the RAW XS flashlight uses patented technology that actively compensates for the reduction in LED efficiency when they exceed ideal operating temperatures. This advanced temperature control mechanism is designed to instantly reduce the output power of the flashlight when excessive heat is detected, thus mitigating any reduction in efficiency due to increased temperatures.

As a result, users benefit from better lighting performance while preserving battery usage.

Be prepared for any situation - trust the waterproof RAW XS flashlight with dual LED beam, aluminum casing, and battery level gauge!

The RAW XS is the perfect lighting solution for any situation, and its features make it an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're cycling, hiking, camping, or sailing, the RAW XS is designed to provide a reliable and durable lighting solution.

Its shock-resistant construction and lightweight design make it easy to take anywhere, while its waterproof casing ensures reliable and durable lighting even in the most difficult environments.

With its ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the RAW XS will help you get the most out of your outdoor adventure, no matter how dark it is.

Make sure your next outdoor adventure goes smoothly - trust the waterproof RAW XS flashlight with dual LED beam, aluminum casing, and battery level gauge. You'll be prepared for any situation. Get ready to explore!

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Brand : Exposure Lights
Reference : EXPRAWXS

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Width 55 millimeters
Depth 35 millimeters
Weight 45 grams
Casing Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Anodisation de qualité marine Tested to ASTM B117 found to be corrosion-free
Light source 2 x White XQE / 2 x Red XQE Cree LED
Power of light output in lumens (lm) - FL1 Standard RED: Strong-100 Medium-15 Low-2 / WHITE: Strong-200 Medium-50 Low-15
Lens Polycarbonate
Waterproof and submersion IPX8 standard 5 meters (pressure: 2.5 Bars)
Activation Single button
Battery 700 mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery usage Charge level gauge
Autonomie RED: High-2h Medium-6h Low-25h / WHITE: High-1h Medium-3h Low-10h / Strobe-5h
Full charge time 3 hours
Charging switch Micro USB to USB 2.0
Tracking Flash Strobe light
Type of use Outdoor activities and nautical activities