Waterproof flashlight with long-range beam Exposure Action 9 Trim

High precision lighting instrument

Exposure Action 9 Trim Waterproof Flashlight with Long-Range Beam
Exposure Action 9 Trim - Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Housing
Exposure Lights Action 9 Trim
Exposure Action 9 Trim flashlight: IPX8 waterproof
Exposure Action 9 Trim Waterproof Flashlight with Long-Range Beam
Exposure Action 9 Trim - Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Housing
Exposure Lights Action 9 Trim
Exposure Action 9 Trim flashlight: IPX8 waterproof

The Action 9 Trim is an ergonomic and compact (115 mm) flashlight that provides a secure grip and featherweight (121 g). It stands out as a cutting-edge lighting tool designed to meet the requirements of explorers.

  • Marine-grade anodized aluminum housing: resistant to corrosion and shocks, it ensures extended longevity in the most hostile environments
  • IPX8 waterproofing: dive up to 100 meters deep without fear of damaging your lamp
  • Narrow 9° light beam: precisely illuminate your path over an impressive distance of 315 meters, with optimal focus

Its innovative technology guarantees comfortable and secure usage, illuminating your explorations with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

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ingress protection rating

9° Beam315 m
beam distance

Power1000 lm
luminous flux intensity

Action 9 Trim Narrow and Powerful Beam Torch

Explore confidently with the Action 9 Trim, the torch equipped with the narrowest beam in the Exposure Lights range (9°), offering unparalleled precision. With a power of 1000 lumens, it illuminates your path up to 315 meters, revealing every detail, even in the depths of the sea thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating up to 100 meters.

Its concentrated beam is ideal for detecting obstacles with formidable accuracy. Perfectly suited for various applications such as navigation to monitor water depth, mooring, or scuba diving, it guides you to your destination and signals your presence.

  • White LED producing daylight color light of 6500K
  • Narrow beam of light of 9° in the air and 6° in the water
  • Power of 1000 lumens for intense illumination
  • Additional energy-saving modes: 500 lumens (3 hours of autonomy) and 250 lumens (6 hours of autonomy)

6063 Series Aluminium Ultra-Resistant and Lightweight

Only 121 grams for a sturdy and reliable construction, the Action 9 Trim is designed to last. Its anodized marine-grade aluminum body resists corrosion and shocks, ensuring optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Compact 115 mm Ergonomic Design

Versatile and offering excellent grip, the Action 9 Trim adapts to all your explorations. Its compact size allows it to easily slip into your equipment's pocket. Its single control button simplifies its use and provides intuitive access to different lighting modes.

Magnetic Connector Convenient Charging

Powered by a high-performance 3400 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, the Action 9 Trim offers extended autonomy. Its recharge via a magnetic connector ensures quick and secure connection, without the risk of water infiltration. Charging is simple with the USB 2.0 cable compatible with most chargers.

Advanced Battery Management Action 9 provides optimized energy control with its charge level indicator

With the charge level indicator, your lamp's battery life is constantly monitored, alerting you before battery recharge is necessary.

  • Green battery life from 100 to 70%
  • Orange battery life from 70 to 40%
  • Red battery life from 40 to 10%
  • Flashing Red battery life less than 10%
10 - 40%
40 - 70%
70 - 100%

Located in the base of the lamp, the battery charge level indicator is easily accessible.

Power and Endurance Three modes to explore longer and farther with the Exposure Action 9 Trim flashlight

The Action 9 Trim adapts to your requirements with its three distinct lighting modes. Easily switch between modes with a single control button.

  • Boost 1000 lumens : explore confidently with maximum lighting power
  • Medium 500 lumens : optimize autonomy while maintaining excellent lighting for extended explorations
  • Low 250 lumens : prioritize battery life and enjoy soft light for precise nighttime observations

Action 9 Trim Autonomy & Power

Modes Power Autonomy
Minimum wb_sunny 250 lm 6 h
Medium wb_sunnywb_sunny 500 lm 3 h
Maximum wb_sunnywb_sunnywb_sunny 1000 lm 1 h 30 m
Strobe flash_on 5 h
Brand : Exposure Lights
Reference : EXPACTION1-9

Data sheet

Feature Specification
Width 115 millimeters
Head Diameter 40 millimeters
Weight 121 grams
Casing Marine grade anodized 6063 aluminum
Light output 1000 lumens
Beam angle 9° (degrees)
Light beam range 315 meters
LED lighting color 6500 K (kelvin) (daylight)
Lens Polycarbonate
Waterproof and submersion IPX8 protection rating 100 meters
Buoyancy Négative
Activation Single button function control
Battery 3400 mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery usage Charge level gauge
Autonomie from 1.5 hours to 6 hours depending on the mode
Full charge time 3 hours from 1500 mA power source
Charging switch Magnetic connector to USB 2.0
Flash SOS Oui
Type of use Activités de plein air
Outdoor activities
Warranty 2 years warranty