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About Vaïma outdoors store

About the compagny Vaïma SARL

The activity of the company started in 1983 in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The name of the company, Vaima means "Pure water" in Tahitian.

Today, Vaima SARL is registered in Nice on the French Riviera. And we introduce a selection of innovative equipment after a more than thirty years expertise in the international distribution of products for sports and recreational activities, for water and underwater or 'outdoors.

The products presented are from a selection of high performance equipment essential for offshore adventure travel enthusiasts in the mountains or on islands around the world....


About Vaïma outdoors, store.

For athletes, hikers, trekkers, sailors, sailors, explorers ...

All adventure lovers are welcome and can collaborate and develop the equipment presented, by sending us your suggestions for improved benefits.

Requins Soyeux Tuamotu illustration citation "Nulle pierre ne peut être polie sans friction,...

We pay special care to present the equipment as precisely and simply as possible. 

If you experience any time an oversight concerning information equipment or if you have any further questions, use the contact form.(Link contact form).


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